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  • iLux offers you the best quality product to serve your all the lighting requirements.
  • We give you safe, reliable, Quality and Energy efficient products for your life.
  • We have a wide range of solution covering areas from

LED Solar Lights

LED Solar Light will light up your Balcony, Windows, Gate, Wall, Porch, Passage, Alley, Pavilions etc.

iLux LED Flexi Lights

LED Flexi Light is a kind of light composed of LEDs in series jacketed by an inner plastic extrusion core…

iLux LED Neon Digital RGB flexi lights

A great, simple product that can add a lot of visual impact to any project.

iLux LED Linea

iLux Electricals presents a versatile solution for your Rigid Linear Lighting requirements

LED Lamps

Replacement for low-voltage and mains voltage halogen incandescent lamps.

LED Downlights

LED Recessed Mounted Downlight. Find out pro series, Prime series & DecoLED



Led Constant Current Drivers

Electronic converters for LED modules operated with Constant Current drivers

LED Profile & Colour Controller

With its high-power 24 V system, Vossloh-Schwabe is responding to the trend towards….


Vossloh-Schwabe’s CC operated LED modules are characterised by their their extreme efficiency,….

Automation-Lighting Control System (LiCS)

The VS Light Controllers are light management systems that were developed to control..

Components For Discharge Lamp – BALLAST

Electronic and Electromagnetic Operating Devices…

Components For Discharge Lamp – Ignitors & Capacitors

Superimposed ignitors work independently of…

Components For Discharge Lamp – Lamp Holders

The lampholders presented are designed for high-pressure discharge lamps …

Components For Fluorescent Lamp–BALLAST

The brightness of fluorescent lamps can also be regulated with the …

Emergency Lighting Module-System

Emergency lighting systems spring to life any time normal artificial lighting systems fail…

Components For INCANDESCENT LAMPS – Transformers

The operating voltage of low-voltage halogen lamps is normally 12 V …

Components For INCANDESCENT LAMPS – Lampholders

Vossloh-schwabe has solutions for all wether its new or an old technology

Components For Fluorescent Lamp – Lampholders & Accessories

Vossloh-Schwabe provides a broad range of lampholders for…

iLux LED Flood Light

  • Energy: Use COB LED as light source ,…

iLux LED Street Light

High power LED Street Light from iLux Electricals…

360 Degree Neon Rope Light

iLux has introduced Brand New 360 Degree neon rope lights. The 360 Degree neon rope lights are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and easy to bend into shapes to create mesmerizing effects.

iLux LED Highbay Light

Energy Saving Highbay light for your Industrial use….

Wall Washer and Underwater Lights

iLux has introduced the Wall Washers & Under water light to provide uniform indirect lighting that grabs your attention to the concerned area and helps enhance the textures of walls….

LED Strip Light & Signage Modules

LED Strip Lights & Modules from iLux Electricals Pvt Ltd is a high quality IP 65 Strip used for various application such as Architectural, Decoration, Cove lighting  and many more..

Downlight and Linears (iLux + Vossloh-Schwabe)

iLux has introduced one of the world’s best technology i.e Vossloh-Schwabe products in india.