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Electrical Contractors’ Association Of Maharashtra (ECAM)-Mumbai


The Electrical Contractors’ Association of Maharashtra (ECAM), is the largest and the oldest association of ‘the persons devoted to provide all type of services about electrical installations and allied faculties.’ To safeguard the interests of these entrepreneurs commonly known as Electrical Contractor it was founded in 1925 with its Head Office in Mumbai, ECAM now has more than 2500 members across Maharashtra.

iLux Electricals ECAM Exhibition -Mumabi


TRADE FAIRS BY iLux Electricals Pvt Ltd
Light India-Electrical building Technology India-New Delhi


Light India being one of the largest show on lighting, has envisaged to build a great knowledge sharing and networking platform, for the passionate and enthusiastic professionals of lighting industry to work for the growth and betterment of the lighting industry in India.

Light India Exhibition



TRADE FAIRS BY iLux Electricals Pvt Ltd

The Economic Times ACETECH-Mumbai


The popular exhibition, a perfect place to promote innovation, is  accompanied by an extensive conference such as Global  Green summit, Indian paints and Coating Forum.

iLux Electricals_ACETECH Exhibition


PROJECTS BY iLux Electricals Pvt Ltd

Project 1
iLux Electricals has illuminated one of the prestigious temple at Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh


Above mentioned temple is located at Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. Vrindavan being a land of so many prestigious temples it act as a place of tourist attraction in India.
The main concern is to highlight the unique structure of the temple.
The main challenge in doing this project is to mount the light on the every edge of the fine structure of the temple. Which should not get disturb because of the light.
Our customer wanted to highlight the edges. They wanted a uniform bright light which illuminates luxury and enhance the beauty of this temple , where you don’t see any spots or gap in between the light also they require the light to be an IP 68 solution.
After analysing and discussing all the concerned area with the customer iLux proposed them for their iLux LED Flexi Neon Light IE-10FFP1809 , 4000K.
High brightness of the product helps the temple in not only highlighting the edges of the temple but also helped in illuminating the whole temple. We had also offered our IE-22FFP1616, which can be bent in opposite direction.
Above shown temple was inaugurated by our honourable BJP President Mr Amit Shah.

Project 2
Project at Chhatraparti Shivaji International Airport


Product Used : iLux LED Flexi Light ( ECO ) IP65, Warm White .

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